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The art of diversion

Born in Brittany, Sophie Le Dain is interested from an early age in drawing, painting and also fashion and styling. She studied at the Beaux-Arts and the Ecole Boulle de Paris. In 2011, she is rewarded of a prize from the Academy of Arts and won the same year the bronze medal of the Salon des Artistes Fran├žais at Art en Capital.

The artist plays with the techniques of paint, colors, lights and the reinterpretation of classical subjects: "I like crossing times, taking out codes, to tell new contemporary stories". What drives the artist is the diversion.

For fifteen years, Sophie is interested in the calligraphy which she uses as a pretext to divert from their context the sketches of the Renaissance or the orientalist paintings of the 19th. She reappropriates these works and makes them resolutely contemporary in a large square format with reference to the silk squares of Christian Lacroix or Hermes.

In 2016, she began her 'collection' of Breton women. Brittany is her roots, her childhood. Fascinated by the ornamentation of this region, Sophie pays tribute to it in her own way. Like Jean-Paul Gaultier for fashion, Sophie diverts the codes of Breton folklore by bringing her imagination and her modernity to create her "stylism in painting".